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Tip Collisions not working on 4x Map

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Created04.06.2017 21:46

Patio The Frog (Unknown) 04.06.2017 21:46
I'm trying to edit rattlesnake Valley 2.0 so that I can add tip collisions that work. I have tested a few 4x maps and the crops are "leaking" through the walls. The default gold-crest 1x map work fine and the tip collisions work as they are supposed to. It appears to be a problem with the 4x maps. I have all the correct info set in GE.

I have it set to: rigid body, collision, static. The collision mask is set to 800ff with boxes: 19,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, &0 Checked. I have also tried a mask of 80000 with just 19 checked to no avail. I update the Rattlesnake.i3d.colMap.grle every time before saving the map and zipping. I have also been deleting the tipColMap.grle in the savegame before starting up and the crop is still leaking through the walls. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Tony Price (brownthumb) 06.06.2017 06:01
Hi Patio, i don't know if this will work with the collision in the storage sheds (i don't use them) but silage silos work,click on collision that shows both sides highlighted use little dot at top of green arrow and stretch collisions up about a meter then lower it back level with top of silo walls so that you have that extra meter under ground, now leave collision high lighted and update your tip collision and save. should work, does for me.

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