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GIANTS Editor 7.0.5 Error at start

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Created05.06.2017 19:24

Patrick Spröhnle (Unknown) 05.06.2017 19:24
Hello, I had a problem:

If I open the GIANTS Editor (v 7.0.5) opens a new window where you can read "Could not create OpenGL viewport. The same if I open a i3d-file. What can I do?


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 06.06.2017 07:24

the GIANTS Editor requires a certain set of OpenGL features.
Some graphics cards to not deliver/support that set (version of OpenGL).
In this case you can't do anything.

Depending on your computer (desktop vs laptop) you could buy a new graphics card.
If you have a laptop and it has two GPUs, make sure that the dedicated GPU is used when starting the Editor.


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