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Created09.06.2017 21:05

Joe Lindberg (lindbejb) 09.06.2017 21:05
I was wondering if there was a way to make extra foliage layers to be deletable in game with say a mower or cultivator/plow by editing lines in the .i3d file, for example:

<FoliageMultiLayer densityMapId="113" numChannels="1" numTypeIndexChannels="0">
<FoliageSubLayer name="bushes" numDensityMapChannels="1" materialId="226" cellSize="8" viewDistance="250" objectMask="65520" decalLayer="0" atlasSize="2" atlasOffsets="0.5 0" numBlocksPerUnitDefault="0.5" numBlocksPerUnitMin="0.5" numBlocksPerUnitMax="0.5" width="6" height="2" widthVariance="1" heightVariance="1" horizontalPositionVariance="1"/>

or would this have to be done via lua script.


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 12.06.2017 07:18

the mower cuts only grass.
But the cultivator should delete any fruit type that is correctly inserted into the i3d and registered by scripts.


Joe Lindberg (lindbejb) 13.06.2017 18:20
even if the fruit doesn't have any lines for a growth state? In FS15, I had to add these lines in the SampleModMap .lua to have them removed via cultivator:

self.layer_Brennessel_id = self:loadFoliageLayer("Brennessel", -7, -2, true)
self.layer_Bush_gelb_id = self:loadFoliageLayer("Bush_gelb", -7, -2, true)
self.layer_Baerenhlaus_id = self:loadFoliageLayer("Baerenklaus", -7, -2, true)
self.layer_shortgrass_id = self:loadFoliageLayer("shortgrass", -7, -2, true)
self.layer_schilf_id = self:loadFoliageLayer("schilf", -7, -2, true)
self.layer_Blumen_id = self:loadFoliageLayer("Blumen", -7, -2, true)

I have no idea what these stand for as I borrowed from another map but it seemed to work

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