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changing sound file in GE in existing map

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Created19.06.2017 17:05

Joseph P Welsh (Unknown) 19.06.2017 17:05
How do you do it? I do not see where to load new file. I tried the replace function in the Edit drop down but the Load button doesn't open my windows to select anything. Thank you.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 19.06.2017 17:41
It's easier if you edit the map.i3d within text editor.
Search for xml tags <AudioSource ... /> - the attribute fileId=.. points to the audio file in section <Files>.
There you can change the filename to your desired sound.

If you're unsure about about location, load the map into GE. First you have to make the audio sources 'visible': menu View -> Show -> Audio Sources. Then look for the audio within map and note the ID for search with text editor.

Joseph P Welsh (Unknown) 19.06.2017 22:55
Thanks a bunch. Do you know how to fix a broken log trigger. I copied and pasted one from the same map. The log depot was way to far away and I wanted it closer so I made one. I added the trigger as well and saved. I then open the map in game and I see the section where the logs go. When i put logs on it they do not register, usually they disappear right from the log transport. I don't know what is happening. Thanks again

Joseph P Welsh (Unknown) 19.06.2017 22:58

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 19.06.2017 23:42
I can only guess:
- perhaps you didn't copy the complete transform group for the trigger and now something is missing
- perhaps the log trigger has an individual identifier, which exists now twice (to origin)

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