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Created28.06.2017 04:41

Joseph P Welsh (Unknown) 28.06.2017 04:41
I downloaded a blank map from a mod site. Leeremod to be exact for FS17 I started painting fields and such added a few buildings just to test it out. I saved it and went to the game and started a new game, I saw the new map and chose it and walked on it and what not. Now I changed a few things in the xml like my name and the description. All the changes were in the mapdesc xml, that is. Now the game wont run. The game doesnt see the map anymore. Dont have any idea why it wont be seen. I know this is a broad question and without seeing the files it might be hard to diagnose. So if anyone has any ideas what to check to make the game see a self made mod please let me know. Thank you much..

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 24.07.2017 09:14

to me it sounds like you have an error in your .xml file.
Probably just a typo or a forgotten bracket.

Double check your .xml file.


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