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GE 7.1 scale issue?

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Created28.06.2017 17:47

John Bark (Unknown) 28.06.2017 17:47
I am trying to resize and object and I resize it to either 1.0532 but when i click away it sets it to 1.053, is this a bug or something that simply can not be done in GE? This doesn't work on the X,Y, or Z axis.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 24.07.2017 09:09

jap, it seems that the input element accepts only a certain resolution of floating point values.
I could forward a request to increase that for future versions of the GE.
But currently it is impossible. Except ...
Worth a shot might be to scale the element to 1.053 in GE.
Then save the i3d and open it with a texteditor.
Find the element and adjust the values ...
Reload the i3d file in the GE.
The displayed value is probably still 1.053 but it might actually have a value of 1.0532

Anyway, I wonder if you really need that precision.

Final solution is to export the object and scale it in a 3D modeling program.


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