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Careerstartpoint is in the air when i start up FS17.

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Created06.07.2017 07:29

Angelo Lambert (Chubbynorris) 06.07.2017 07:29
From 1 moment to the other my startpoint is way up in the air. Dont know why this has happened, cant really find why or how this has happened. I tried to replace it multiple times, lowering or moving it up, replaced with imported one and nothing worked so far. It spawns in the air whereever i place it in GE. I can tab to get in to a vehicle ingame but i dont stay in the vehicle i go up in the air right away. Can anyone maybe help with this problem, or has expierience with it. Al the help is greatly appreciated. thx in advance.

Thomas A. (Unknown) 07.07.2017 16:15
This is a transform group, you must place in the ground with Giants Editor, now is in the air.

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