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Can't move around with shortcut keys after opening a map.i3d file

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Created25.07.2017 06:23

Geoffrey Hyde (Unknown) 25.07.2017 06:23
I have the Steam version of Farming Simulator 17, and the Giants Software Editor, but after opening the map.i3d file such as map01.i3d or map02.I3d I can't use the keyboard shortcuts to navigate around the map I've loaded up.

It is very slow and painful navigating around with the scroll wheel on my mouse. Am I doing something wrong or opening the wrong file?

I would like to edit both the Sosnovka and GoldCrest Valley map files to be more to my liking with certain terrain elements - fences, boulders and drive-through shrubbery to name a few annoying ones - that are in the way of farming removed or moved someplace less annoying.

Also I have a question on modding: Is it currently possible to make tools or attachments for tractors that remove certain types of foliage objects? I wanted to see if I could make an attachment or hand-held object that would remove the annoying bushes in my farmland on Sosnovka field 19 once I expanded it. From a look around the forums I understood I could modify them myself to be removable by plowing or cultivating equipment but I would also like to make a tool that would clip something and then allow me to place that object back down somewhere else.

I'm not sure how much work that would be but if I could make it so they would be movable or deleteable I'd settle for that.

The reason I want to move them is because I can see a lot of expansion possibilities, I would even want to modify the terrain of the map itself using in-game tools one could buy from the dealership, if that's even possible. I don't believe in having something blocking my way of progressing the way I want it to, to be in a game, so if this is something moddable, I definitely would like to give it a go.

I'd also like to know if the ideas I'm talking about are currently on Giants roadmap for future versions of Farming Simulator. If you're planning something like this, maybe you could share some information, if you can.

Sorry if this seems long-winded, but I like to explain my thoughts in detail.

Cheers ...

Geoffrey Hyde

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 25.07.2017 07:00

not really sure about the version of the Editor in Steam.
But you can always download the latest version here in the GDN.
Maybe that version behaves better.
Note: You can adjust the navigation speed -> key '+' and '-'

"If a plough does not remove asomething in the game no other tool can do it".
"Reposition objects" - nice idea, but currently not doable.

Dynamic terrain? The future will show, but currently: "No"

Sorry for the short answers, but it's early morning here and i'm having my first coffee :)


Geoffrey Hyde (Unknown) 01.08.2017 01:50
Emil, sorry for the late reply but the first one didn't post and I just have been having too much fun to post until now.

The version of the Editor came with I believe FS13 or FS15, not the Steam Version. It lists itself as Version 7.1.0 - Build Date April 10, 2017.

It did ask me download and install the latest version which I did.

Quick question, if I change these objects in the editor which don't get removed by plow, to be removed by plow, does this replace them in the game files or do I have to do a manual find and replace operation for it to take effect?

Cheers ...

Geoffrey Hyde

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 04.08.2017 09:37

not really sure what you mean.
Maybe some screenshots would help axplaining it?


Geoffrey Hyde (Unknown) 11.08.2017 02:53

Bushes such as the ones shown in this screenshot of my Sosnovka savegame.

Are they editable so that I could replace them within the game files, and if so, would doing so replace them on the map of my savegame, or does this break things related to these map features?

As you can see, they're on farmland I created with a plow in this savegame, I would simply like to be able to remove them because they're a visual annoyance. I'd also like to be able to have the plow remove rocks that are in the way as well.

I found a rock in the GoldCrest Valley map next to field 16 that the AI helper doesn't like at all as he tries to avoid it as if it is cursed or something. He should be able to just maneuver his vehicle past the obstacle but it is becoming apparent that Giants never thought this would be necessary.

If this isn't possible, I might consider doing a customized Sosnovka map with these unwanted features removed from the map file and simply save it as a custom map file for local use.

Cheers ...

Geoffrey Hyde

M. Hagemann (Guenni) 19.09.2017 09:52
I've also a problem with the navigtion keys "w a s d". When I hit them iin the opend map01.i3d nothing happens. It's for me like it is for Geoffrey Hyde (BrickVoid) :
"I can't use the keyboard shortcuts to navigate around the map I've loaded up. It is very slow and painful navigating around with the scroll wheel on my mouse. Am I doing something wrong or opening the wrong file? "

All editing modes are off, like Paint Mode, Scupture Mode, e.g.

I'm lucky to read from you! :-)


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 26.09.2017 10:02

bushes and stones can only be removed 'dynamically' (meaning during active gameplay) if they are placed via a foliage layer.

There were such layers in the past.
But I'm not sure how they are set up in Sosnovka.
It might depend on the very object you want to remove.

Single objects like a rock can't be removed because they are mostly 'static' objects.
If they were 'dynamic' objects you could at least push them around.

Not sure what causes the problems with W, A, S, D navigation.
I never use that ;)


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