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Hired help skipping parts of fields

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Created28.07.2017 19:20

Anthony Queen (tqueen113) 28.07.2017 19:20
Hello all
I have created a map with 36 fields and am having some issues with the hired help skipping over or not working random spots on the fields, any ideas?


Tony Price (brownthumb) 02.08.2017 18:31
click your infolayer, in dropdown click tipCol, then click Terain layer paint mode at top of editor,
erase the white tipCollison in your fields, and anywhere else you don't want it, then go to Scripts
Window, FS17, map, create ground collison map, click, wait for it to finish, sometimes takes awhile,
save it, good to go.

Anthony Queen (tqueen113) 05.08.2017 00:50
thanks! But that did not work.

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