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error copying xxx.png when that file doesnt exist, but a exists

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Created30.08.2017 02:13

Carter Nb (Unknown) 30.08.2017 02:13
this error happens (in giants editor) when i start a new mod from game, it allows me to edit the mod but the mod wont work in game, tried editing the xml from requiring .png in some cases to .dds but wont work

btw by not working i mean wont even show up at mod selection screen but will show up in mods installed folder

example:Error: Failed to copy file 'C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Farming Simulator 17/data/shared/dirt_normal.png' to 'C:/Users/Carter/Documents/My FS 17 Mods/8340/shared/dirt_normal.png'.
dirt_normal.png doesnt exist but a .dds does

Carter Nb (Unknown) 31.08.2017 02:03
problem solved

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