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Created16.09.2017 19:34

Anthony Queen (tqueen113) 16.09.2017 19:34
Hello again
I am really having a time trying to get the mirrors working in a Vehicle mod and was wondering if anyone could let me in on the big secret to make them work correctly?
Here are some links to my problem
1. Working on the stock truck -
2. Not working on my truck -
Thanks in advance!

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 18.09.2017 07:29

probably you are missingt an user attribute which enables the reflection map.

Try to use a default phong material with black color and add an user attribute "_reflectionMap_resolution" with a value of 1024

You can compare the exported material with a default mirror material in any vehicle to see if the material is correctly set up.

Note: the pivot of a mirror is important, especially its y- axis


Anthony Queen (tqueen113) 20.09.2017 02:54
Thank you Emil!

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