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Grain silo complex

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Created17.09.2017 05:52

Koi Marquis (Unknown) 17.09.2017 05:52
I have recently placed a grain silo complex ( pretty big ) in to a map using Giants Editor. The maps overall capacity is 100,000 for grain. I transported some grain from another placeable silo included with the map to the grain silo complex I inserted with GE, I am able to unload and load the grain but once I save the game and exit I loose all I put into the grain silo complex? I'm asking for help on how to edit the overall capacity of grain on the map and also how to make the grain silo complex I placed with GE store and "save" grain? Thanks in advance for anyone willing to help or walk me through this!

Anthony Queen (tqueen113) 17.09.2017 15:01
Only one Silo will show up in the list as the main storage facility which is your main farm silo. look at the user attributes of the Main silo to adjust your fill types and capacity, open your map01.xml and look for tipTrigger index="FARM_SILO" stationName="station_farmSilo", this is your main farm silo, you can add another one but must have a different name like FARM_SILO_01 here is where you set up your fruit types for storage. I hope this helps.

Good luck

Koi Marquis (Unknown) 17.09.2017 17:55
everything is good now. I managed to edit the silo capacity to 5000000 and it even shows this when loading/unloading. The only problem I have left is that the grain silo complex will not save the grain I have unloaded into it??

Anthony Queen (tqueen113) 17.09.2017 20:45
You are saving your game when you exit correct? or are you saying it does not appear in the menu after you dump it in? Only grains put into the MAIN FARM SILO will appear in the menu.

Koi Marquis (Unknown) 17.09.2017 23:01
yes I am saving my game. I'm saying that when I save my game and exit. when I load the game and get back on the farm there is nothing in there. ..

Now that being said after I dump grain into the grain silo complex if I don't save game and don't exit game the grain is there... its only when I save the game and restart that the grain that should be in there isn't there?

Anthony Queen (tqueen113) 18.09.2017 00:23
Now I don't know whats going on there, sorry

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