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Giants Editor 7.1.0 not loading i3d files

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Created19.09.2017 16:44

Ross Williams (RossMH) 19.09.2017 16:44
So from my last forum, I've fixed my Giants Editor 7.1.0 partly. It now opens, but it won't load any i3d files. I try to open one and it will say "failed to load i3d file". It will also throw an error down in the console. I can't remember what it says but it throws it with every single i3d I try to load. Any ideas?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 26.09.2017 10:05

please understand that a certain version of the GIANTS Editor can only open certain versions of an i3d file.
This might be due to the internal format of the i3d file or due to auxilliary files (might be missing or out of date, like shaders for example).

So, you could post your log.txt, maybe we can help you more after that.


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