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Pig Straw Plane - not work

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Created25.09.2017 21:32

Tomasz Borkowski (Unknown) 25.09.2017 21:32
I have a problem with straw in a pig farm. I'm making a Bjornholm map for FS 17.
I set "strawPlane" underground. Then I set the attribute "strawPlaneMinMaxY" in "pigsHusbandry". Straw does not respond to the attribute "strawPlaneMinMaxY". Straw is still underground. Straw filling level: 70%.

Second problem:
I can not paint textured "pigMud" in pig farm. Other textures work. A few meters from the pig farm everything works. I do not know why.

Any ideas?

P Tschirhart (AwesomeLiquor) 23.10.2017 15:09
possible answer to your second question. How many textures , do you have in, one texture box/area? 4 is the max. Ran into this problem once, corrected it by, repainting entire texture box, 100% grass. the using a brush radius of 1.5 or 2, i start with the problem texture and paint it first, then the other 3 textures.
hope it helps/helped

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