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Deleted Cow Husbandry from map and scenegraph

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Created06.10.2017 05:09

Brandt Sarver (Unknown) 06.10.2017 05:09
I accidently and completely deleted the cow husbandry from a map and I did so much I don't wont to start all over how can I get that back into the map

Julien Juju (jujuokl) 06.10.2017 09:37
If you didnt make a save of your map before, you're fucked. If you did 1, just export the transformgroup from your save and import it on your map

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 09.10.2017 09:26

you could create a husbandry frmo scratch, but it might be easier to export an existing and working husbandry from another map and import it into your mod map.


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