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how to add Sugarcane for mod maps

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Created06.11.2017 10:59

Lukáš Zima (MrHector94) 06.11.2017 10:59
Hi. I see the original maps alredy have the sugarcane after update 1.5.1. I want to add it to my map as well so it will be redy for the platinum dlc.

How can i add sugarcane to other map? I can copy everything from original map.i3d but i can not copy shapes of the sugarcane from .shapes
Sugarcane has ids: blockShapeId=";59;60;61;62;62;62;62;63;64;" of course those shapes not exist in my mod map .shapes or some other objects use these ids.
since it is not possible (or just i do not know how) to open .shapes and copy those lines so how can i add shapes of sugarcane to my mod map .shapes?

William Rowe (Bonger76) 09.11.2017 04:18
Same problem get get warning in editor XYZ range for block meshes(-16,-16,-16)-(16,16,16); this rule is broken in foliage 'sugarCane' hope thier is a fix ,if someone knows how to map out the blockShapeId on the dds that would help.

Thomas A. (thediabl0) 14.11.2017 15:01
If you imported full terrain other time, but keeping your files gdm... no problem, but if you added more fruit, then the problem also comes

William Rowe (Bonger76) 16.11.2017 19:15
Sorry but I dont understand.?

Lukáš Zima (MrHector94) 17.11.2017 12:41
So is here any solution how to add sugarcane to other / mod map? Someone from Giants could help.

William Rowe (Bonger76) 18.11.2017 00:54
This is what i did to get it to work ,I took the maize .dds and used to edite copied from giants sugarCane .dds and pasted in each growthState in on in new layer so you can tell where the different growth states need to be and have it in my map like this

<FoliageSubLayer name="sugarCane" densityMapTypeIndex="21" densityMapChannelOffset="6" numDensityMapChannels="4" materialId="497" cellSize="8" viewDistance="80" objectMask="16711935" decalLayer="0" distanceMapIds=";147;148;149;150;150;150;151;152" distanceMapLayers="0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0" atlasSize="1" atlasOffsets="1 0" numBlocksPerUnitDefault="2" numBlocksPerUnitMin="2" numBlocksPerUnitMax="2" width=";1;1.6;3;6.5" height=";1;1.6;3;6.5" texCoords=";0 0 1 1" widthVariance="0" heightVariance="0.2" horizontalPositionVariance="0.25" numStates="10" blockShapeId=";22;23;24;25;25;25;25;26;27;"/>

<FoliageSubLayer name="sugarCane_haulm" densityMapTypeIndex="21" densityMapChannelOffset="10" numDensityMapChannels="1" materialId="498" cellSize="8" viewDistance="80" objectMask="16711935" decalLayer="0" atlasSize="1" atlasOffsets="1 0" numBlocksPerUnitDefault="1.4" numBlocksPerUnitMin="1.4" numBlocksPerUnitMax="1.4" width="1.5" height="1" widthVariance="0" heightVariance="0" horizontalPositionVariance="0.1" blockShapeId="34"/>

had to change the height and numBlocksPerUnit to make it look good,just got through testing works good havested with the new sugCane harvester,the only thing I dont know about it the is sugarCane_haulm after it show at first harvest it never goes away, the sugarCane regrowes
like it should ,so the haulm staying thier could be right.

hope that helps

William Rowe (Bonger76) 18.11.2017 01:23
So the haulm is working right just watched the video ont the new platimun edition.
I now this is just a go around but it work and I will keep it this way till so one tells us a fix,if you have a problem makeing the sugarCane .dds
let me know of a way I can send the one i maid it to you.

Rob Van Den Berg (thudge) 19.11.2017 13:55

Based on several earlier postings from Emil Drefers, this is how you can import the new sugarCane blockShapes into you own mod.

First, with n++ open a (copy) of the (renewed) map mod 1 and add these lines (except the last one) a the end of <scene>

<TransformGroup name="sugarCane_meshes" nodeId="999999" translation="226 90 -85" rotation="0 0 0" clipDistance="800">
<Shape shapeId="59" name="blockShape59" nodeId="999959" translation="0 0 0" materialIds="167278"/>
<Shape shapeId="60" name="blockShape60" nodeId="999960" translation="1 0 0" materialIds="167278"/>
<Shape shapeId="61" name="blockShape61" nodeId="999961" translation="2 0 0" materialIds="167278"/>
<Shape shapeId="62" name="blockShape62" nodeId="999962" translation="3 0 0" materialIds="167278"/>
<Shape shapeId="63" name="blockShape63" nodeId="999963" translation="4 0 0" materialIds="167278"/>
<Shape shapeId="64" name="blockShape64" nodeId="999964" translation="5 0 0" materialIds="167278"/>

Now open this map in GE, highlight "sugarCane_meshes" in the Scenegraph and hit F. Voila, there are your meshes.

Nog export these meshes and import them into your own mod, save that.
Open your own mod in n++, and replace the blockShapeId number with the shapeId's of the imported meshes.


William Rowe (Bonger76) 20.11.2017 03:45
Still get the same warning XYZ range for block meshes(-16,-16,-16)-(16,16,16); this rule is broken in foliage 'sugarCane' did what yousaid above thier must be more

Thomas A. (thediabl0) 20.11.2017 11:34
Export terrain from GoldCrest or Sosnovka and import in your map.

William Rowe (Bonger76) 20.11.2017 19:50
This fix work for me got it from wiseguy49 took me a about 2 hours ,after weeks of scraching my head it was worth the time.
I started by making a new folder to export and copy files into,

1. exported the new goldcrest valley from FS update 1.5.1. Just the terrain
2. Copy over the map01 folder from your modded map into that folder
3. Now go into notepad ++ and add in all your layers into the new map. For example i had an asphalt layer, coal, sand, salt, etc that all needed to be added
4. Make sure you add in the coorsponding file types. The diffuse, normal and distance maps all need to be added in
5. Do the same thing above for all your additional crops (if any). Remember not only do you have to do all the texture files, the distance files, materials. I had 12 other crops that needed to be added back in.
6. Export your old map with everything but the sun/terrain
7. Import that file into your Goldcrest edit.

and now Sugarcane has the correct block shape IDs for Giant's new textures.

William Rowe (Bonger76) 20.11.2017 21:40
Sorry Thomas i did'nt see your post my eyes are tired ,just importing the terrian from the new maps would be faster then the way I posted above because either wqy you have to add back in your new fruitTypes and layers you have added to your map.

just export the terrian from GoldCrest with files to your mod map were your map01.i3d is then open your mod map in editor and import the new terrian into map and delete old terrian and save map.Should do same as wiseguy49 way.Remeber to make backUps.

hope this helps

Thomas A. (thediabl0) 24.11.2017 00:48
The problem come when you add more crops xD

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