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combining Transform group in to one object ?

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Created18.11.2017 22:59

Aidan Cole (AC_2500s) 18.11.2017 22:59
Is there a way to combine everything under a transform group in to one object? such as road pieces into one or fences into one. I can't open my current mod map in giants or in notpad ++ when opening it with notpad ++ and error message comes up saying too many lines. I believe if I combined a lot of transform groups it should reduce a majority of the lines and giants editor may open my mod map.

Jake Smith (Unknown) 19.11.2017 01:48
1st, You would need a modeler to combine objects into one. This can effect performance when dealing with clip distances.
2nd, What are your system specs that you are getting that error in Notepad++. There seems to be a deeper problem than "too many lines".

Sadly though, if you are unable to open it in Notepad++ or Giants Editor, I don't believe there is a way to "fix" that.

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