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Created22.11.2017 18:32

Gabi Barbus (Unknown) 22.11.2017 18:32

So, in the image above is showed the route of the train spline, which goes from point A to B and then back to A. At each point, as showed in the picture, is a loop where the train turn and goes back, kinda makes it like a circuit. I already made the spline from A to B, and my question is that, there is any other way to make the spline from B to A much faster than laying down all the points and than come back to fix them in place perfectly. Maybe exporting it to 3DS Max or AutoCAD or there is a trick in GE to make it faster?

Lepe City (Unknown) 27.11.2017 14:08
GE already have a hotkey to reverse a spline, it is just as simple as:
- Select your spline at sceneGraph
- Press "R" key

Hope you can use it and it is what you need.

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