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Created14.12.2010 02:09

Mike Gregor (Unknown) 14.12.2010 02:24
Hello, I created grass and maize planes for my silage pits I made. The original maize plane works as usual. However my planes disappear. I received no errors in the exporter via Maya 2011 32bit. I used the following User attributes;

<Attribute name="fillType" type="string" value="chaff"/>
<Attribute name="moveMaxAmount" type="float" value="60000"/>
<Attribute name="moveMinMaxY" type="string" value="-0.5 3"/>
<Attribute name="onCreate" type="scriptCallback" value="SiloAmountMover.onCreate"/>

<Attribute name="fruitTypes" type="string" value="grass"/>
<Attribute name="isFarmTrigger" type="boolean" value="true"/>
<Attribute name="onCreate" type="scriptCallback" value="TipTrigger.onCreate"/>

Any help is appreciated,



Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 14.12.2010 09:45
So what you are trying to create is a new plane similar to the silage plane in the game? But this time for grass and maize?

Is your plane visible in the editor? If not, something went wrong when exporting. Maybe re-assign the material and triangulate and check for the non-renderable and visibility flags to fix this.

If it is visible in the editor, something is wrong with the script.
Is the plane correctly placed, if at translation 0 -0.5 0?

You could use F4 (if developement commands are enabled) to see the game in wireframe, so you can see if the plane maybe is below the ground.

Mike Gregor (Unknown) 15.12.2010 03:27
Found it, it's way below where I placed it. So all I would have to do is mess with the MinMaxY values? like instead of -0.5 3 make it 10 13? it's down under the terrain.

Mike Gregor (Unknown) 15.12.2010 04:27
Oh man I do feel stupid, lol. X translation was fine, however Y trans was not. See I used your maize silage pit as an example and your maize plane is at -0.5 3, I was so focused at making it like yours but with my model. Sure you get where I'm coming from. So we shall see how it goes :)

P.S. I do notice you use a series of triggers, why not just one? better odds at triggering the event?

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 27.12.2010 11:55
There are multiple triggers, to allow the player to tip at a bigger area.

Mike Gregor (Unknown) 29.12.2010 01:58
figured as much :)

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