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Giants editor 7.1.0 FS2017 16x map CPU/GPU problems....

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Created09.02.2018 13:29

Emanuell Lovnicki (Unknown) 09.02.2018 13:29
Hi, i have lately big problems with making a map the biggest problem is giants editor 7.1.0 using only 1 Core CPU i have fx 6300 4.2ghz
,r9 280 3gb gddr5 950mhz, 12gb ram, SSD raid 0
Does anyone know why giants editor using 1core at 100% another chill on 10%

And Giants Editor 7.1.0 CPU usage does not go over 22%

Anyone know the issue?

Peder Jensen (PederFendt) 16.02.2018 18:27
I have the same problem, one core runs 100% while the other 7 cores run idle

Emanuell (Unknown) 08.10.2018 21:43
I just gived up on this.. But I will keep trying

LOL 8 months later

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