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SSS/Bilboard shader "desn't" work with lod object

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Created11.02.2018 22:43

Bartek Perkowski (Pyrol) 11.02.2018 22:43
Hi. I hve a problem with my tree - exactly is that LOD works fine but when I add this shader to LOD object then the texture disappears (it is in .DDS and it is 256x256) and LOD isn't facing the camera (isn't rotating while camera change rotation).
Maybe you know how to fix it - btw. My lod object has two ractangles facing in both sides

Bartek Perkowski (Pyrol) 16.02.2018 00:30
I've found solution on Discord:
Normal of the LOD plane has to be heading along Z axis in MAYA
In blender LOD plane has to head ALONG OPPOSITE Y-axis >> In GLOBAL 'Transform Orientation' or ALONG Z-axis >> in LOCAL'Transform Orientation'.

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