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Created30.04.2018 05:03

Connor Burkhardt (Unknown) 30.04.2018 05:03
Where can I find the mod map SDK for the GIANTS Editor to create a brand new map (as stated in chapter 3 in video tutorials)?

Benoit Fourdinier (Unknown) 07.05.2018 13:04
hello, I have the same problem..... I dont find it....

Lewis Barnard (Unknown) 11.06.2018 13:14
me too i cant find

Daran Thompson (dmt116) 17.06.2018 13:45
try this

C:\Program Files (x86)\Farming Simulator 2017\sdk

Nolan Bamber (Unknown) 25.02.2019 10:59
is there a mod map sdk for FS19? or do you use fs17 sdk? if so what if I do not have fs17 but only 15 and 19.

Thomas Dale (strikerhawk) 15.06.2019 01:44
well that would be fine if I had the game on my pc but I do not, I only have the game for ps4 but want to create a map for that system

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 15.06.2019 08:49
In FS19 there's no "modmap SDK" anymore, since the Giants Editor 8 allows easy making "new mod from game".

Creating a map for console you can only make on a PC (which requires a full game installation).
But to play it on console requires submitting and publishing on Giants' ModHub.

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