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Fill Trigger on Service truck vs Activation on Seeder/Sprayer

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Created09.09.2018 16:19

Harry Cook (Unknown) 09.09.2018 16:19
I am very new to modding and have been learning about xml file editing to change some stats and am playing with a couple of different mods to set them to my preferences. I am using a good field service truck mod that was pretty well done except it doesn't have a liquid Fertilizer fill trigger that is recognized by any of my sprayers or seeders. I would like to add one to the truck, but I know I can't just copy a trigger over form another mod. What else should I be doing to make sure it works?


Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 10.09.2018 20:28
You mean a service vehicle, where you BUY supply goods?
That's not trivial, since the standard vehicle fill triggers support only fillables (by yourself).
You'll need a custom lua script for proper function.
Take as template an available service car/trailer mod and implement the additional stuff in your vehicle i3d and xml.
Example: the AR_Set on ModHub contains a service platform.

Harry Cook (Unknown) 10.09.2018 22:55
Thanks Bilbo. I Think we are talking about the the same thing. The truck I am currently using works just like the seed, fertilizer, and fuel triggers on my farm site, however none of my equipment is picking up the liquid fill trigger on the truck. I have a second mod that has a working liquid trigger and I know I can import that trigger into the first mod. I have also verified that the triggers have the required user attributes. What I am not sure of is what should I be looking for in the vehicle xml file that should also be moved over. If there is a good tutorial on this I would love a link. Haven't really found one yet that addresses my concern. I have backed up the xml for the truck I am changing so I am not so worried about wrecking the mod as I can always revert.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 10.09.2018 23:20
The XML stuff depends on the method the inbuilt LUA script uses.
If you're lucky, the LUA handles all alone and you don't need additional XML entries.
Else you must examine the template XML for additional entries.
Best was, you can 'read' the LUA and see there what is required.

Also take care you have a proper "log.txt" afterwards. There are service mods around which spam your log with errors.

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