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Created22.11.2018 00:09

Jacob Galloway (Unknown) 22.11.2018 00:09
I bought Farming Simulator 19 thru Steam. Install does not have GE 8. How do I get it?

Rylan Givens (rylan) 22.11.2018 00:52

Ormsher Ormsheriukas (Ormsher) 22.11.2018 07:39
This is leaked version of Giants editor that people shouldn't use at all. This build of GE is a month old and half of the features are broken.

Trinity Mckenzie (Unknown) 22.11.2018 10:48
I'm wondering this as well. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Rylan Givens (rylan) 22.11.2018 14:54
GE 7.1 is more than a year old and still works..
So use it if you want or wait..
I cant wait and think its a lame move for them not to have released or made any statement about when its going to be released..

Martin Night (Unknown) 22.11.2018 15:39
You can't use giants editor 7 with the new engine.It's lacking features and it's not coded to open new i3d format.If you try to open any of the mods editor would just crash and exit,so it's imperative to get giants editor 8.
Like all you guys i was really surprised that is no giants editor in the SDK folder.Im using the version which i downloaded from one of the mods sites,and if it's really true that this is just a broken leaked version,that's really bad.
Even worse is that there is no editor 8 to download from GDN,All they topics are just for older versions of farming simulator,no place for a new game.
This is really bad from they side,beacuse we are all paying customers.
Game is out for a two days and still no change on GDN,no place to download official version of the editor and no other features.Come on Giants step it out and fix it.

Rylan Givens (rylan) 22.11.2018 16:08
Im aware that you cant use the old editor, it was more about the age of it :)

The versions that are out work.. I havent had any issues with it yet..

Martin Night (Unknown) 22.11.2018 18:19
Yea maybe you are right Rylan,editor from this mods sites working good so far.I installed it and works perfectly for now.I guess we must use this version until official version would have been released.One thing that surprise me is that is no giants editor shiped with farming simulator,I buying this game from the 2013 version and it's always been shiped with the editor in SDK folder,and also with the exporters for maya,blender and 3d max.
And now it's nothing LOL.
and i preorder this game in the summer this year.

Max Mustermann (BLACKFOXER_offical) 22.11.2018 18:30
The editor does not work, it closes after the start directly again!

Martin Night (Unknown) 22.11.2018 18:34
It's working Max,if you have crashes most probable cause is your graphic card or drivers,try update them.
Im using editor for a few days without any problems.What kind of GPU you have?

Max Mustermann (BLACKFOXER_offical) 22.11.2018 18:41
In my laptop, a graphics card from Intel is installed. (Intel (R) HD Graphics 2013)

Rylan Givens (rylan) 22.11.2018 20:13
Well take a look at what you just typed, and then think about if its the editor thats not working or just you that has an outdated rig.. The editor can be pretty heavy on the pc/laptop, so using an old laptop wouldnt really be ideal, or working at all in your case..

@Martin: Yeah im very disapointed in them not having it in the SDK, here or just saying ANYTHING about it at all.. So be it a leaked version or not, it does the work for me converting maps :)

Larry Alexander (LarryA) 22.11.2018 20:15
Very new with GE and have GE 7.1. for FS 17. Silly question do I need to remove GE 7.1 prior to installing GE 8.0? Have another question there is several mods on various web sights for FS 19. With that said are these mods edited with the leaked version of GE 8.0? If so should they be removed from the system? Have not installed them yet in the mod folder.
Thank you for the replies

Rylan Givens (rylan) 22.11.2018 20:32
No you can have all the editors installed you like.. I just keep the one for the game and then the older one, in this case 7.1, untill im done converting stuff from 17 into 19..

The editor works, be it leaked or not. I havent had any issues with it so far and it works great for a lot of other people, but use it as you see fit.

Regarding mods, just ALWAYS test them out yourself.. It doesnt matter if the editor is "bugged" or not, if the modder havent done a good job, then it can mess up your savegame.. So just take your time, look in the log files for errors and go from there..

Max Mustermann (BLACKFOXER_offical) 22.11.2018 20:47
What a shit that is now I can forget that completely with the modden ... I'm so angry.

Martin Night (Unknown) 22.11.2018 22:04
Yea Max like other guys said before im afraid that Intel HD graphics is not near enough strong to run this editor.It's to old and to underpowered.If you want tor run the editor and editing maps you must have good GPU,at least with 2gb of video ram.Laptop's GPU or at least this old intel hd graphics are designed just to work arround Microsoft office or similar low demand programs not for any graphic stuff.
I know that's sucks and i feel your pain buddy.
Laptops are generaly very bad choice for working arround any editor,yea it would work if you have very expensive gaming laptops like Alienware MX 18 or high end DELL XPS.
Otherewise it would crash or working very porly.For today standards i would never go under at least 4 cores cpu desktop,if you want to do some serios moding.Best choice is to save money and build yourself a PC with 8 cores CPU and good 4gb GPU,16gb RAM and up.
With all my experience with computers i can surely tell you that laptops are just not worth it!

@Rylan yea i agree with you LOL,no matter the source,main thing is that is working !

Devin L Mares (Unknown) 24.11.2018 02:54
ok, so if I have a 1080ti and this still crashes when I try to open a map, what could be the problem then?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 24.11.2018 03:21
Without any informations nobody can tell you what's wrong.
At the very first you should look into the GE log (USER\AppData\Local\GIANTS Editor 64bit 8.0.0\editor_log.txt).

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