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Change orientation of the sun

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Created23.11.2018 00:50

Mario Gonzales (Unknown) 23.11.2018 00:50
Hi, I'm from the south of Argentina and I'm making a map of my farm and I would like to know if I can change the orientation of the sun, I want it to be tilted to the north since I am on the south side of the equator, thanks

Rylan Givens (rylan) 23.11.2018 13:17
My best guess is in the mapDE or mapUS_environment.xml, line 65-73 you see this:

<sunRotation heightAngleLimitRotation="60" heightAngleLimitRotationStart="56" heightAngleLimitRotationEnd="80">
<key value="0" time="0*60" />
<key value="80" time="6.5*60" />
<key value="-80" time="6.5*60" /> <!-- sunrise 6 -->
<key value="0" time="12*60" />
<key value="80" time="19.5*60" />
<key value="-80" time="19.5*60" /> <!-- sunset 20 -->
<key value="0" time="24*60" />

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