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problem with camera - setFovy

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Created23.11.2018 13:15

Slavo Ls Modding (SLAVO) 23.11.2018 13:15

I call function setFovy in camera:


result is: attempt to call global 'setFovy' (a nil value)

Where the problem?
Where can I find new lua documentation to FS19 ?

Slavo :)

Martin Night (Unknown) 23.11.2018 15:12
As far as i know there is no new lua documentation yet,it's not officialy published by giants.Some people told me that maybe would be posted another week but im no really sure.I heard from Stefan Geiger,creator of the mod More Realistic Gearbox,that for the last game (FS 17),it take almost 6 months to get this documentation.

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