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Created27.11.2018 02:11

William Rowe (Bonger76) 27.11.2018 02:11
Dose anyone know how to get the animatedObjects.xml to work?

Thank Bill

Rylan Givens (rylan) 27.11.2018 18:06
I would think youd need to add the link for the file in the mapDE/US.xml..
But how to get it working and so on i have no clue.. I know theres a modder streaming on twitch nearly everyday, he is german tho, but he speaks english on a basic level and he is VERY helpful and extremely good at this..
Thats his twitch link..
If you find out, please let us know..
Ive seen in the placeables how it kinda works now, but i have no idea how to get it working in a map tho..

Joseph E Williams (Josephwilliams1990) 27.11.2018 19:25
Its no longer a stand alone system.
It works inside the xml.
best way is go into the game file and open one of the animal husbandry files eg, husbandryCowSmall.xml
you will see a line like this

<animatedObject saveId="gate_01" >
<animation duration="1.5">
<part node="0|9|1|0|0">
<keyFrame time="0.0" rotation="0 0 0"/>
<keyFrame time="1.0" rotation="0 -120 0"/>
<part node="0|9|1|0|1">
<keyFrame time="0.0" rotation="0 0 0"/>
<keyFrame time="1.0" rotation="0 120 0"/>
<controls triggerNode="0|15" posAction="ACTIVATE_HANDTOOL" posText="action_openGate" negText="action_closeGate" />
<moving file="data/sounds/prefab/gate/gate_loop.wav" loops="0" linkNode="0|9|1|0" volume="0.8" radius="25" innerRadius="3" fadeOut="0.25"/>
<posEnd file="data/sounds/prefab/gate/gate_opened.wav" linkNode="0|9|1|0" volume="0.8" radius="25" innerRadius="3" />
<negEnd file="data/sounds/prefab/gate/gate_closed.wav" linkNode="0|9|1|0" volume="0.8" radius="25" innerRadius="3" />

that is it, no need to do any onCreate stuff with the trigger as it all generated by the system, alot simpler than the last system.

hope this helps.

Rylan Givens (rylan) 27.11.2018 20:12
But what xml does it have to be in?
I know about the placeables and how to get them working from those, but its more how to get it working in a map?

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