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GE 8.1.0 Beta Texture Painting wont blend textures

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Created30.11.2018 21:34

Joshua Braseth (bigskymod) 30.11.2018 21:34
i cant get the texture layer painting to blend textures together. used to be able to adjust opacity to blend roughdirt and grass together as an example. also cant paint a foliage layer to a texture layer. if i dont paint to texture layer it works but its easier when you can bind it to a specific layer. wondering if im doing something wrong from GE for FS17.


Troy Wild (tawsag) 01.12.2018 02:14
Nope, you're not doing anything wrong. Apparently, blending of ground textures has been replaced with the new system Giants implemented.

Also, I've noticed you can no longer set the opacity, hardness, or value for foliage, for example, the decoFoliage. No mater the slider settings, you get full density coverage, unless you make the brush diameter below 0.5, and then it will act more like it did in 7.1, and make it able to paint more sporadic and random coverage of the selected foliage, and even ground texture.

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