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Created03.12.2018 14:51

Karel Bobcat (Unknown) 03.12.2018 14:51
Hello, I would like to edit few values in maps_fruitTypes.xml and data\placeables\mapDE\sellingStationBales\sellingStationBales.xml, but I am not sure how to put it in mod without creating new map mod?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 03.12.2018 15:35
The "maps_fruitTypes.xml" in install folder data is global. You shouldn't edit there, else you lose multiplayer ability.
Dito with the "sellingStationBales.xml".
You should never change the default installation. There's an explicite warning in "data".

You had to create a new map with custom "fruitTypes.xml" and "sellingStationBales.xml". Both in your modmap folder.
Be aware, custom "fruitTypes.xml" doesn't work as expected. The default file is read in any case and you may have the fruitTypes twice. In my eyes a bug. With custom "fruitTypes.xml" only this should be regarded, not added.

What you can do (and what I also often use for tests):
Copy your FS19 install folder to another place (best is different drive/partition) and start the FS from there. On this copy you can work arbitrarily.

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