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biogas xml ?

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Created11.12.2018 00:46

Athanasios M (Unknown) 11.12.2018 00:46
Does anyone know where i can find the xml for the biogas plant ?

I want to increase the capacity the tank in which i unload holds, as well as its processing speed.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 11.12.2018 01:02
Search in folder "data" for "bga.xml". There are two versions: in mapDE and mapUS.

Athanasios M (Unknown) 11.12.2018 01:12
thanks. lol i could have sworn i searched for bga.xml -_-
embarassing. :D

Athanasios M (Unknown) 11.12.2018 01:16

Athanasios M (Unknown) 11.12.2018 01:35

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