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New to GE, need some help.

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Created11.12.2018 19:57

Sean Leonhardt (Unknown) 11.12.2018 19:57
I have 8.1.0 Beta because it's the only one that would download. I can't seem to load the textures of a map. And by that I mean everything loads, I only see the grids and a few red orbs that are complete gibberish to me. I don't see the trees, roads, or ground. I know they are there because I can use the scenegraph and the object I choose from there will show up on the map as a grid but not with textures or images.
I also see "has wrong type (2darray instead of 2d) in 'groundDetail_mat" as well as "Error: Out-dated custom shader.", "unsupported cube reflection map." and "Warning (performance): Raw audio forma".
Is this an issue with how the map itself was saved? Is that why I can't see the objects properly?


Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 11.12.2018 20:04
Check in GE Preferences whether the path to game is setup correctly.

Just noticed: for FS17 ??
NO - you cannot edit FS17 stuff with the GE 8.xx - use the GE 7.xx instead.

Sean Leonhardt (Unknown) 11.12.2018 20:44
I'll try &.xx again, but the download wasn't working for me for some reason.

Sean Leonhardt (Unknown) 11.12.2018 20:58
Thank you for telling me 8.1.0 wasn't for FS 17, I now have 7.0.0 because I keep getting errors downloading 7.1.0 and 7.0.5.

Just found out 7.0.0 doesn't work properly. Guess I can't mod anything. Thanks for the help though.

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