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UV issue after export to OBJ

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Created12.12.2018 20:30

Chris Husky (Unknown) 12.12.2018 20:30
I open one of FS19 truck in the Giants Editor, export model to OBJ, import this OBJ into a Zmodeler, however, there is a problem with UV:
I tried to import OBJ in 3d max, but the problem remained. Is it possible to fix this somehow?

ElKameleon 03.01.2019 17:48
Looks like the object is using an arrayed texture. If your program has an option to repeat the image, you'll find that the UVs line up correctly, just offset. If you're looking to fix it, you could select certain UV islands and move them by X amount, being how many instances it appears to be tiled by. I hope that makes sense?

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