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Terrain texture blending

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Created14.12.2018 02:11

Jason Lane (jalane) 14.12.2018 02:11
I see over and over requests for giants to make fixes to the terrain painting feature of the editor in that, blending can no longer be done in the way it was done in fs17. This will not be changed. For those whom dont understand graphics processing I will attempt a simple explanation. Giants have switched to using texture arrays in replace of the old 2d textures and texture atlases(which was an improvement on 2d textures). Blending in the way we knew it in the past used linear interpolation to make a blended texture transition( this is what the lerp function in the old shaders was doing) . The new texture arrays allow the GPU to see multiple textures as a single texture , thus making the shaders more efficient. Open gl and directx12 currently dont support trilinear interpolation that would be required to blend two texture arrays in a linear fashion. For those who want to alter textures or try to blend them better than you think giants has already done. Texture arrays are in essence multiple layers on a single image. So altering layers or making different combinations of layers is the only way I know of to blend textures.

Krists U (Kristsu) 14.12.2018 08:24
Maybe try to create new layer and blend the textures, for example:
<CombinedLayer name="ASPHALTROUGHDIRTMIX" layers="asphalt01;roughDirt02;asphalt03;roughDirt04" noiseFrequency="2"/>
and paint this when you want. Only theoretically came into my mind, I have not tried to test.

Jason Lane (jalane) 14.12.2018 15:14
This is how it would be done, but I think you would have to do more custom layers and mesh with opacity within the paint program.

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