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1.2 Patch Broke 16x map

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Created14.12.2018 22:52

Joe Lindberg (lindbejb) 14.12.2018 22:52
16x worked previously to installing 1.2 patch. Water planes are installed and do not correct issue. The issue is when in indoor and outdoor camera of vehicles with map edge in view the game freezes. When exporting the terrain to blank map, issue still exists. When walking around near map edge not inside a vehicle the game is fine. Only when in vehicles with map edge in view does the game freeze, once the map edge is no longer in view the game acts fine.

William Rowe (Bonger76) 15.12.2018 04:22
Make shure that one and only one has the isMainWater attribute and i think they updated some of the shaders.
have you tried to do any farming on your map and see if it has fram grab like I was talking about in other post?

you might need to incress the lod distance of the water,it sound like the problem everyone was haveing after the patch

James Norred (Cajunwolf) 15.12.2018 06:18
I'm working on importing a massive 16x map from FS17 I've been working on near a year now, 70% complete, and have hit many issues, one is the "frame grab" issue, as you mentioned Bonger76, but I'm not getting, so far, the issue that lindbejb seems to be having. As to the frame grab thingy, I can play the game with all eye candy on extreme settings and it runs smooth as silk. I'm running a Dell T7600 workstation with dual 8 core Xeons, 64 gigs of 1600 ram, Samsung 500GB V-Nand SSD drives, and a Sapphire RX 580 Nitro 8GB Video card and this animal will run any game I decide to through at it with no problems, so the issue is in the editor.

Joe Lindberg (lindbejb) 15.12.2018 14:48
i imported water plan from ingame US map already, will try increasing the LOD view distance. The game freezes when in vehicles when map edge is in view, works fine once far enough away that map edge is not view-able. Just waking around outside of a vehicle it works fine everywhere. Had to revert back to 1.1 patch to play but will reinstall 1.2 and increase lod distance of waterplane.

Jacob Smith (Jtborth) 15.12.2018 15:34
I’ve had the same issue since it updated and haven’t found a fix yet.

William Rowe (Bonger76) 15.12.2018 23:16
James Norred ,It has to be how the game loads the groung change when working the ground. I dont know if thier is a difference of how Giants optimizes the game for PC or for Counsle but something is making the frame load grab as the ground changes get loaded when working the ground.Dont whant small maps,finally thier adding bigger equipmet that is hard to even play on small maps.

James how are your FPS my are low when locked I get 54 to 60 FPS add some epuipment they drop to 45 to 50 hire helper it drops more and some of the equipment makes the FPS really drop was setting up my farm for testing useing the lowlaoder had some pallets on it and not moving FPS good move just a little and FPS droped to 29 let it sit move a little and droped back to 29 and it would push the truck like it had power.The game has grate dietails and the equipment with all the details but if youhave these FPS problems it not worth playing it even tried lowering my graphics and the FPS got worse???

Some one must know the cause for the frame grab on bigger maps and if it can be fixed or not .

Cole Johnson (Unknown) 16.12.2018 16:34
Seems to only happen on the eastern border of the map looking outward, my game works perfect on the western side. Cant figure it out.

William Rowe (Bonger76) 18.12.2018 04:59
James Norred (Cajunwolf),was wondering if you are useing windows10 and how the <renderer>D3D_11</renderer> is in your game.xml , I am running windows7pro and when I changed the D3D_11 to D3D_10 or OpenGL my FPS dropes but I don't get the frame lag when farming,I didn't know this but when FS17 first came out they had to fixe something in this in a patch. I don't know anything about this renderer stuff the OpenGL work the best but the FPS was 35-55. It's like the graphic are not optimized for PC.I'm going to post a question about the <renderer>D3D_11</renderer> over at
FS19forum and see if anyone knows if thier is a problem

Jeffery Lind (Unknown) 20.12.2018 16:47
The frame grab only happening in vehicles and not on foot has got me thinking it may be a far clip distance issue. Vehicles tend to have a less far clip then you’re camera does when on foot. Maybe try increasing the far clip distance on the vehicle you are using for the test? I know for FS17 that 16x maps were larger than the base far clip distances were set to so in order to see a distant backdrop throughout the whole map the far clip had to be increased.

Joe Lindberg (lindbejb) 20.12.2018 19:42
it's fixed, just need to have main water plane extend past the eastern boarder.

William Rowe (Bonger76) 20.12.2018 22:37
Joe are you having fram grab when farming like fertilizing our harvesting I'm on 4X map and that is the only time I have the repetive fram grab

Krists U (Kristsu) 20.12.2018 23:43
William, I also tried changed D3D_11 to D3D_10 and frame grab when farming is gone, but the average performance is very worse. Whit OpenGL is little bit better. Looks like resolution of weights and grle is not a reason to frame grab. I hope the developers will find patch to this.
My spec is:
OS Windows 7 64bit, i7-8700K, RAM 16 GB, Gf1070

I reduced the water plane to less than the terrain and it does not change anything, frame grab stayed.

William Rowe (Bonger76) 21.12.2018 02:05
Krists I do believe that it is the directX11 (D3D_11)it was a problem they had when FS17 first came out with the directx11 they fixed it in a patch,I posted the questions to giants on the other forum in the bug report section they said it was not a bug so they moved my post to tec suport section and haven't got any answer.Most don't know that the graphic stuff in the game are not working right ,when I try to lower graphic from high to medium or low my FPS get worse and if you look a the game .xml the changes are not all saved.The other thing I noticed I have a NVIDA 1070 8gb with 16gb of ram that when my card driver updates I go into the game with it set on very High and unlock the FPS and get 75 to 80 FPS exit game restart unlock the FPS and get 45 to 55 FPS my card has updated twice since I installed game samething bolth times.The next thing I'm going to do is put this question to NVIDA the games sponsored driver and see what they say.

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