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Created21.12.2018 04:26

Ki O'rourke (Unknown) 21.12.2018 04:26
Hello, I'm very new to this map editor. How do you draw out the lines for the buy-able land plots on the PDA? I have the png file for the PDA and have the grle Converter. I think I'll need that. Any links to videos or tutorials would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Krists U (Kristsu) 21.12.2018 14:03
This paint in GE. In terrain editing window set info layer - farmland, set number of channel and paint. Each channel is farm ID. Farm ID owners defined in farmlands.xml file. Number of channel is not number of farm ID, its different. In this topic you will see farmID set channel:

Ki O'rourke (Unknown) 22.12.2018 00:19
Thank you Krists. Now that I have that all figured out I've seem to run into another issue. My map works fine when playing and I wanted to clean up some of the lines. My issue is now for some reason Farmland does not show up in my drop down list under Info Layer. Only tipCol
Any clues as to why that is? Thank you.

Krists U (Kristsu) 22.12.2018 01:21
1. Check file map/farmland.grle If she is not there, copy from another map.
2. Open your_map.i3d file with notepad++, search farmland, i think you cannot find him, so write him:
3. In section <Files> write this <File fileId="1000" filename="map/farmland.png"/>
4. In section <Scene> <Layers> write this: <InfoLayer name="farmland" fileId="1000" numChannels="6"/>
Save map.i3d file
Open map in GE and paint like in my previous post. In GE 8.1 you can choose farmID in Layer Value and GE itself enter ID channel.
5. In file map.xml if not then write this: <farmlands filename="xml/farmlands.xml" /> (this file path may differ, write your path)
6. Of course you need this file farmland.xml, if you not have this, copy from another map. In this file edit farmID owners after paint in GE.
Maybe your file names is little different, pay attention to it, it's important that they match everywhere.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 22.12.2018 02:29
From post above (21.12. 14:03) "Number of channel is not number of farm ID, its different"

No - it's exactly the same. The bitmask is the binary value of the decimal in "farmlands.xml".
Unluckily the bitmask is displayed in reverse order with bit 0 first. However bit 0 is in binary the right, lowest bit.
For conversion binary/decimal one can use the Windows calculator in programmer mode.

Ki O'rourke (Unknown) 22.12.2018 03:47
Wow Krists, that did it! Thank you so much for your fast and informative information. You have been a big help and it is truly appreciated! Not sure how that ended up missing but it's all there now. :)

Krists U (Kristsu) 23.12.2018 12:04
Bilbo, in programmers language yes, but in normal people language 01234 is not 31 ))

Andrei Sprinseana (xsenio) 24.12.2018 17:53
Hi, please tell me how to paint the area that does not need to buy. For example the territory of a store or city.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 24.12.2018 18:10
Simply leave it unmasked (all bits 0)

@Krists U
The GE is not a playground for absolute rookies. Basic knowledge about different number systems should be provided.
So it should be known that bit n = 2 ^ n

Without this knowledge you'll never succeed in painting foliage or cultivator maps .. upto collision masks.

Andrei Sprinseana (xsenio) 24.12.2018 19:51
Bilbao Thank you, I have created maps and mods from 13 farms, and everything I know is just wanted to establish itself in this. Thanks again.

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