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Created23.12.2018 02:03

Tony Price (brownthumb) 23.12.2018 02:03
how does one add them to mod map?

James Norred (Cajunwolf) 23.12.2018 07:49
You have to lay track, lot's of repetitious fun, then you have to lay the spline within the track precisely centered and at the right height. Remember, the train follows the spline, not the track. The trick of making it look like the train is following the track is placing the spline just right. I have a tool which is a little known FS17 mod for laying the spline in the track; there is a png image included in the zip that will tell you all you need. Once this is done just add the XML files where you can add or subtract the type of train cars you want.

I have the tool here ...

Tony Price (brownthumb) 23.12.2018 13:59
Hi James, yep i remember all that and i still have the tool from when we worked out every thing at the start of fs17, but this one is different,
just couldn't figure out how to get the game to read the trainSystem file, but i finally got it., thank you for responding.

James Norred (Cajunwolf) 23.12.2018 20:57
LMAO! It's nice to hear from someone else who has laid track and spline; it takes determination. What was your problem and solution? I might come in handy for those of us who might run into the same issue.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 23.12.2018 21:07
The GE now has a nice script: "set terrain height by spline", which makes life a little easier.
First begin with the spline, then execute the script. You might have to smoothen the surrounding terrain a little.
Leave spline visible and lay the tracks (or roads) according to spline.

Tony Price (brownthumb) 24.12.2018 05:50
Well i laid my track and ran my spline then i went into game files and copied the train system file
removed the xml file and imported the train system file into my test map, (if it don't work there it
dosen't make it to my main map). I set my spline in and set the railroad crossing's where i needed
them, didn't know if i needed the fake one or not so i left it. just buried it where it wouldn't be in
the way' saved map, zipped it, put it in mod folder, went into game, nothing, no train, took a while
but i finally figured out that the xml was going to have to play a part in it working, long story shortened
i exported the trainSystem from inside map added the xml that i revised to only show crossings that i kept
with my track, used Bilbo's formula that he gave us in the Placeables thread for placing a placeable into
a mod map by making a placeables folder in my maps folder and putting my trainSystem folder in that and
linking it all together by using the defaultItems xml, now i have working train with working crossing's.
I used track from fs17, tracks are same size across and you have the 90 degree turns, also i made a copy
of the railTrackS_diffuse put it in and marked the center of tracks, switched that with the one
in my rails folder in my imports folder till i finished running the spline, that way only need spline helper
for height. Hope this has been of help.

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