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My Map is laggy ingame

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Created23.12.2018 10:31

Zum 1234 (Unknown) 23.12.2018 10:31
Hello, I just started to make a map in the Giants editor and everything is working fine. But for some reason my map is laggy ingame even with graphics at Normal (On other maps my pc runs at Very high graphics smootly) I just got some buildings and trees in the map. I have set Clip distance on all buildings and trees on about 500. Any ideas why it lags?

Krists U (Kristsu) 23.12.2018 12:18
Water Plane

Zum 1234 (Unknown) 23.12.2018 15:17
I Found the issue, I added the water plane wich improved the map alot! but it was still laggy so i went to the game settings and changed the *File Enable* from true to false :)

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 23.12.2018 15:24
Look into the game log and probably you'll find the reason (errors).

Disabling (log) file is a bad idea.

Zum 1234 (Unknown) 24.12.2018 09:25
where do i see that? Ingame or in the files? And how?

Zum 1234 (Unknown) 24.12.2018 10:45
FORGET THAT! Now i got a bigger problem. When i try tp paint with the brush the textures dont show up, but they show up when i use the terrain sculpture on the place where i painted? ;((

Zum 1234 (Unknown) 24.12.2018 11:10

Zum 1234 (Unknown) 24.12.2018 11:11

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 24.12.2018 15:29
Maybe some files are interchanged, eg. height map - texture array
Maybe your map is totally broken.

See GE log for further infos (USER\AppData\Local\GIANTS Editor 64bit 8.xx\editor_log.txt)

Zum 1234 (Unknown) 24.12.2018 16:34

Zum 1234 (Unknown) 24.12.2018 16:40

Zum 1234 (Unknown) 24.12.2018 16:55
Hmm Is it possible to find my older saved files of my map im that making? If so where

And how do i remove these 2 posts i posted by accident :D Thx

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 24.12.2018 17:13
If you didn't make backups from earlier changes, you have nothing to restore.
Now you know why backups make sense.

You cannot delete the posts, but you can edit them. Simply delete the content. As I see, you did it already in above posts. *g*

Zum 1234 (Unknown) 24.12.2018 18:37
Well R.I.P :(

Zum 1234 (Unknown) 24.12.2018 19:30
Okey wow. I Found out that i somehow had duplicated the whole map! (All buildings, Trees, Waterplane) And also the terrain. :0 Well problem solved.

Im Amazed

Luke Lee (Luke974) 27.12.2018 15:22
Yes if you you catch the middle mouse button it can either move your view or duplicate everything you have selected at the time. Very annoyng and not sure why it does this.

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