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Created27.12.2018 22:12

Thomas J Quattro Jr (quatts22) 27.12.2018 22:12
Anybody know of a work around for the change in export function of the new giants editor?

Tony Price (brownthumb) 28.12.2018 01:41
need more details, what are you having problems with?

Thomas J Quattro Jr (quatts22) 28.12.2018 01:50
Okay, so if I try to export a model from a different map (FS19) and utilize it in a private map edit, I choose the "export selection with files" option, the I3D file will export just fine, however, the texture files will not. Furthermore, the I3D file will refer back to the texture files in the original folder. In previous G.E editions, the textures would come over with the I3D file. Wasn't sure if there was a work around this?


Tony Price (brownthumb) 28.12.2018 06:00
Yeah i had trouble wrapping my mind around that too at the beginning, but it makes sense now, no matter what map or mod map you play in game
it has to be read by the data files of the main game, so by referencing the shared, shaders, and textures files in main game folder it takes a lot of clutter away from your mod maps. where you would have had 600 mbs map now you would only have something like 150 to 200 mbs.

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