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How do i fix missing sell stations

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Created29.12.2018 22:29

Charlie Moore (Unknown) 29.12.2018 22:29
In Giants Editor v8 I removed some annoying bushes that i could not pass through from a custom map for FS19. After saving the map and logging onto the game i noticed all of the previously working sell stations no longer appear on the map or in the Prices tab. I have look all over for a fix but none seem to work for me, any help would be greatly appeciated!

Charlie Moore (Unknown) 29.12.2018 23:01
I have resolved my own issue. For others running into this issue, make sure you are only editing the mapDE.i3d file using the Open command. Donot edit using the Open Mod option or you will lose your sell stations.

Benjamin Wagley (Unknown) 29.01.2019 06:48
Were you able to open the other modded map using the open method, or did you have to re-edit the map. I am having the same issue with ravenport.

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