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opening doors and gates

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Created04.01.2019 09:22

Michele Valerio (michele1948) 04.01.2019 09:22
good morning, kindly someone could explain well how to insert opening and closing doors and gates with GE no placeables. the tutorials are incomplete and made poorly. I have a series of doors and gates that I would like to insert into my maps but I can not make them work. thanks for the answers

Michele Valerio (michele1948) 04.01.2019 14:00

Ari Kryeziu (arii1) 11.01.2019 00:28
Hi Michele .
that in ls 19 the gates work, you have to write the entries like that

<!-- MaschinenHalleTor -->
<animatedObject index="SchiebeTor1">
<controls posAction="ACTIVATE_HANDTOOL" triggerNode="0" posText="action_openDor" negText="action_closeDor" />
<animation initialTime="0" duration="2.5">
<part node="1"> <!-- node -> child index -->
<keyFrame time="0.00" translation="-14.594 4.321 7.044" /> <!-- translation, rotation, scale, visibility -->
<keyFrame time="1.00" translation="-9.918 4.321 7.044" />
<moving file="maps/sounds/SchiebeTor.wav" loops="0" volume="0.8" radius="25" innerRadius="3" fadeOut="0.25"/>
<posEnd file="maps/sounds/gate_opened.wav" volume="0.8" radius="25" innerRadius="3" />
<negEnd file="maps/sounds/gate_closed.wav" volume="0.8" radius="25" innerRadius="3" />

and in the Ge at user attribute ....onCreate from AnimatedObject to AnimatedMapObject.onCreate

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