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Created11.01.2019 06:43

Sean King (Unknown) 11.01.2019 06:43
Hey everyone, I wish to add a satellite image to the map as a reference while doing my field and terrain creation (kind of like an overlay). Is there a way to do this? Sorry in advance if it is a simple thing to do but for some reason I can't work it out.

Jos Kuijpers (Unknown) 11.01.2019 14:28
Yeah you could make a super big plane and texture it.
What I did some years ago instead was to use Photoshop, and extract layers from it: so i had a layer with just dirt roads, and one with the fields, etc.
Then I saved each layer as grayscale to a terrain GDM (e.g. beachSand). So then in the editor I had beachsand for roads, and grass for fields, and concrete for water, and so on.

Sean King (Unknown) 11.01.2019 22:51
Thanks Jos. I will look at trying that out :)

Sean King (Unknown) 11.01.2019 23:03
Thanks Jos. I will look at trying that out :)

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 13.01.2019 11:28
Try this Tutorial on DEM's and Borders

Sean King (Unknown) 16.01.2019 09:32
Thank you Colin

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