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Created15.01.2019 00:46

Anthony Queen (tqueen113) 15.01.2019 00:49
Can anyone tell me what is causing this warning on my truck mod?

Warning (C:/Users/xxxxxxxx/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2019/mods/FS19_xxx_xxx/xxx_xxx.xml): I3D file offers '3' objects, but '1' components have been loaded!


R Harris (Unknown) 04.02.2019 10:02
you might have a light in your i3d editor. under the main component

Tony Price (brownthumb) 20.02.2019 06:51
Warning: Farmland-Ids not set for all pixel in farmland-infoLayer! i've had this warning since i started my map, its a mod map, that i flattened ,
erased everything from and started from scratch, figured it was from only having 1 farmland painted when i first started the map, but now that i
have finished the map with all farmlands painted and set in xml file i am still getting the warning, what might be the cause?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 20.02.2019 09:42
It's exactly what the error message says.
There might be a single pixel which isn't colored.
For better view convert the farmland.GRLE to PNG and load into a paint program.

Anthony Queen (tqueen113) 20.02.2019 12:10
Its fixed, thanks

Tony Price (brownthumb) 20.02.2019 15:51
Thanks Bilbo, was a little spot under bridge in the water, warning is now gone, thanks again.

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