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New Fruit/Fill Types to silos

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Created16.01.2019 23:35

Ken Poth (pothk) 16.01.2019 23:35
so I added a new fruit type "coffee" and fill type "sand", I made the entries in the fruitTypes.xml and fillTypes.xml, edited the effect material holders etc. they both showup in the map, but when "buying" a silo, they will not add to the silo, i have added a link to a silo in the placeables folder of my map. and can add the types to that but cannot seem to add them to the default silo, it keeps pulling from the game files instead of my map folder .

there are two large silos in the map store now one is the default the other says mod. can you not add a fill type to the default silos?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 20.01.2019 12:19
You shouldn't touch the default datas. This disables multiplayer capability. Also the Steam version would generate errors. And finally a patch would overwrite it.

Instead load the silo into GE8 and make "new mod from game". In this mod'ed silo you can add your additional fillTypes. Then you exchange the default silo in "defaultItems.xml" with yours.

Ken Poth (pothk) 20.01.2019 14:02
yeah that is what i did, i just thought there was somewhere that the default silo would read the new info like the equipment does, where a seeder now knows it can plant coffee, without messing with its xml. etc etc

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 21.01.2019 00:04
Another possibility:
You edit your custom "mapX_fillTypes.xml" and add in <fillTypeCategory name="FARMSILO" .. your fillTypes.

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