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Created10.02.2019 02:00

Pete Johnson (Diguelo) 10.02.2019 02:00
Ive been trying repeatedly to get GE to open on my laptop to give me some portability. It works fine on my desktops, seeing as both of them have Nvidia graphics cards. Take out the cards so the default Intel Graphics are used and all you get is "Failed to make OpenGL port", same on the laptop.
The game works on my laptop but is slow and manages around 5fps when it used to manage 20 no problem.

A couple of friends have the Intel video issue too.

Anyone got a clue why. tried installing opengl as a standalone plugin.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 10.02.2019 02:16
The GE needs at least OpenGL 4.5 - the Intel iGPUs support this not until Skylake generation.
But even then the performance is poor due to usage of shared system RAM instead dedicated video RAM. Apart from amount of shader units.
Simply said: the Intel iGPUs are quite suitable for business gfx, but for games only very restricted.

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