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Created11.02.2019 11:27

Tracy Rose (Unknown) 11.02.2019 11:27
The description of GE contains this line:

+ Adjusts map xml and creates items xml

But how?
Could anyone explain me, how could I create items.xml in GE?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 11.02.2019 17:54
With "new mod from game" these xml files are created automatically.

Tracy Rose (Unknown) 12.02.2019 08:03
Thank you for your answer!
Does this mean, it works on original map only?
I mean, if I add new sales point to map, or move farm to other side of map, I have to edit items.xml to manually in text editor?

Michael S (dezibelmaker) 12.02.2019 15:10
that is for Converting Mods from FS17 to FS19

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