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Created22.02.2019 17:07

Tony Price (brownthumb) 22.02.2019 17:07
what did i do wrong here? i changed this.
<pickupTrigger index="TRANSPORT02" title="$l10n_station_port02" rewardScale="1.6" /> <!-- Port Northwest -->
to this.
<pickupTrigger index="TRANSPORT02" title="$l10n_station_trainStationMill" /> <!-- Train Station Mill -->
and i get this in game.
Transport items from Missing 'station_trainStationMill in l10n_.xml' to Ranch.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 22.02.2019 17:25
Meanwhile you should know what this message means: "station_trainStationMill" is not defined in <l10n>
Either you add it in modDesc or you use the right label, eg. something like "$l10n_station_grainSiloRailroad01"

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