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Created27.02.2019 01:13

Tony Price (brownthumb) 27.02.2019 01:13
why does the AI vehicles stop when a harvester is working in a field near the road that ai vehicles are using.keep in mind that harvester is not pulling into road to turn but moving alongside road. distance between road and field is a 3 on paint brush and ai traffic is on far side of road
(which is 5 on paint brush) from field?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 27.02.2019 06:14
You will notice the traffic cars' behaviour is different w/o helper.

Helper AI collisions are setup and handled dynamically.
See LUADOC AI -> AIDriveStrategyCollision

Though the traffic AI isn't documented, I think it has some look-ahead features (roughly).

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