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Freeze transformations from GE script

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Created22.03.2019 16:21

Tommi Sairo (tsairo) 22.03.2019 16:21
Is it possible to invoke freeze transformations from editor script?
Specifically, I'm trying to reconfigure orientations of the object pivot points. I need to reorganize a large model with 10+ -deep object trees one object at a time - If I do manual freeze for the root node in the editor, the pivots for the children get ruined, so I would have to relocate all children to different node before freeze and then put them back to original node, and reorientate them. This would take at least 10 times more time to do manually than with a simple script, but I don't seem to find a way for resetting the rotation from the API reference.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts on this...

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 22.03.2019 20:35
Should be possible.
Of course you'll need experience in LUA scripting.
You begin with a selected node and step back to the parent nodes.
The only thing to find out is how to invoke the 'freeze' function. ;)

Tommi Sairo (tsairo) 25.03.2019 13:00
Invoking the freeze function was exactly my question, otherwise my script was done.
But since the freeze does not seem to be part of API, I decided to proceed with replacing the node with transform group and automated that procedure.

O.wiesemann (TopAce8888) 28.03.2019 09:32
Perhaps this script might help you:

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