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Created25.03.2019 00:54

Keith Rudolph (eknievel115) 25.03.2019 00:54
Hi I was wondering can you import splines from 1 map to another like the pedestrian splines as my one map is missing them.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 25.03.2019 06:22
Yes - you could. But the imported spline would barely fit to your map: different routes, height, etc.
You'll be quicker with creating a new spline than adapting the imported one.

Keith Rudolph (eknievel115) 25.03.2019 20:00
it will be from the same map.

Larry Davenport (Unknown) 28.03.2019 10:04
exactly how does one create a new spline and then have the train follow it? and Yes I am complete Newbie to map making

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