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Anyone have earlier versions of giants editor?

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Created14.04.2019 03:57

George Sander (Unknown) 14.04.2019 03:57
Hello, so I am trying to edit a map on FS08 (I know, it's an old game) and I need an earlier version of the editor in order for it to work (4.0, 3.2 or 3.1).

If anyone can lend a hand I would be ever so grateful...


Jan D N. (Unknown) 23.04.2019 18:01
I have version 4.1.8 or is that not old enough, does it have to be 4.0 ?

Tyler Cee (tytheman262) 25.04.2019 07:29
Yeah, unfortunately, 2008 files only work with anything below 4.0.

George Sander (Unknown) 13.05.2019 23:09
Dang, still no luck... and as Tyler was saying, yeah, only giants editor v4.0 and lower works with 08.

I guess no one seems to have it anywhere, to bad.....

Anyway, thanks for the help guys :)

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